Many Dementias ARE Preventable

We all recognize that the aging process starts much earlier than the year we become a “senior.” At the Academy of Aging we understand that we have the ability to change the rate and the end result. 

In fact, research shows there are several precursors to chronic health diseases that can set the stage for developing memory loss with aging. These diseases include obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cardio-respiratory disease, anxiety & depression, substance abuses, some auto-immune diseases and even some cancers. Traditionally these diseases are treated pharmacologically. Unfortunately, although the pharmaceuticals do suppress many of the symptoms, they rarely correct the disease and often create other issues. 

We define healthy aging as the development and maintenance of optimal mental, social and physical well-being. Enjoying a healthy body, mind and spirit happens through the energy produced from positive lifestyle choices and for most, programs focusing on: 



    stretching for improved flexibility, aerobic coaching with a focus on biometric improvements and resistance training for stamina and strength enhancement. 


    As we age, our body often resists many foods. Nutri-genomics reveals food types that best suit our digestive system and its ability to metabolize those foods. This is particularly important for people whose lifestyle is more sedentary in nature. 

  • DE-STRESSING COACHING (Mindful-meditation):

    Breathing, avoiding judgmental thinking, focusing the mind and utilizing techniques and exercises to help achieve a calm inner state are helpful in dealing with our stressful world. 


    Quality sleep is paramount to a healthful lifestyle. 

How we choose to live today has a huge impact on our health, wellness and memory throughout our life but particularly in our later years!