No one wakes up in a debilitated state without first getting some warning signs. If you know what’s coming, you can plan to give certain areas of your body extra care early on. 

It is difficult to enjoy living to 100 if you don’t do it healthfully!

Medical research has provided many of the tools to help us live longer, with less pain and even look better. Doctors are now replacing worn-out joints, hips and even vessels and hearts. They are replacing cataracts with new intra-ocular lenses; providing implanted mechanisms to improve hearing. There are procedures to tighten loose skin and take away the appearance of aging. 

Researchers have even identified telomeres as the timekeepers of the life of a cell –– but they haven’t figured out how to eliminate preventable chronic health issues. After all the research, studies and statistical analysis, ultimately it is up to you ‘how well you age’. 

There is no replacement for daily aerobic exercise and resistance training for retaining muscle strength, and nutri-genomics for understanding the right formula that impacts the health of our cells and genes. With the rush of today’s electronic world, there is a real need for mindful-meditation and the ability to relax and de-stress – adding life to your years! 

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