With the significant increase in the number of Canadians entering their retirement years (1,000 persons per day), it is expected the incidence of chronic health diseases will become a pandemic affecting 21 to 25 percent of the population! 

You don’t want to be part of that percentage! The Academy of Aging knows most aspects of non-genetic Memory Loss with Aging are preventable. It is our intent to slow and even reverse this trend through programs to prevent and mitigate chronic conditions involving lifestyle changes. 

We know that many issues affect how our genes function, such as our diet, vitamins & minerals, toxins, allergens, stress, lack of sleep or exercise, as well as polypharmacy (excessive use of medication). 

The Academy of Aging focuses on the individual, their uniqueness and how their lifestyle plays into their illness and ultimately how these habits can be changed to more healthful choices and behaviors. 

Remember, it was not too long ago medicine thought cardiovascular disease from arterial clogging was irreversible. We know today this is not true. We at The Academy will address many factors known to affect brain function such as metabolic diet syndromes, lack of exercise, de-stressing, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, sleep deprivation, depression, vitamin deficiencies and detoxification programs. 

Give your brain a tune-up with one of our health-changing programs…

The Academy of Ages has programs for all ages, fitness levels and time constraints!