Lectures and Workshops will enhance your knowledge of being healthy from the Inside—Out. What this relates to is your Laboratory Test Results & Vitals, called your BIOMETRICS.

“ How many of you understand the test results when your doctor calls for lab-work to determine your A1C levels, or your LDL/HDL ratios, or assessing your electrolytes or even what high blood pressure and rapid heart rate means to your health and longevity?”

  • Students interested in a career assisting those in Senior Centers, will find the Studies on Aging an important learning Certificate Program.

  • Families with loved-ones requiring In-Home-Care, will understand through Studies on Aging the preventative aspect to boost our immune function and release stress as a care provider.

  • Individuals who want to simply understand the dynamics for healthy aging will find the guide to lifestyle choices, an important aspect to a fulfilling lifestyle, through Studies on Aging.