4 12, 2018

Healthy Aging


Everybody talks about the speed bumps of aging but few do anything about it. Recent surveys and statistics show that about 30 per cent of the North American over-50 population suffer from some form of chronic health problem. Many of these are lifestyle illnesses that are mostly preventable – although not always the case – and include cardiorespiratory disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, anxiety and depression, autoimmune disease, substance abuse, dementia and cancer. Enter the positive and refreshing concept of “healthy aging.” It’s a basic life skill (and aging skill) for Dr. Garth Mann, director of Calgary’s Academy of Aging, the [...]

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17 10, 2018

Understanding Dementia


Many seniors who experience Memory Loss with Aging are unaware of the changes in their short-term memory and their cognitive function. It is most often their family members who are the first to notice. Joyce was recommended by her family doctor to attend REJUV+ classes at the Academy of Aging, after telling her doctor that her family was concerned about her memory loss since her husband’s passing. The Academy of Aging is a Canadian non-profit society with affiliation at The Manor Villages. It is this group that is determined to have non-genetic memory loss with aging [...]

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