The Dynamics for Healthy Aging

The human body and mind is capable of aging gracefully, enabling an enjoyable lifestyle. Considering healthy genetics, and following the programs for functional-medical-wellness, it is conceivable that in time, the average age of Canadian mortality will reach 100 years.

Today – although people are living longer, they are not necessarily living those extra years healthfully and much of their care must fall to someone else. The need for knowledge and understanding has never been greater and will only increase in the years to come.

The ACADEMY OF AGING provides a Certificate Program in The Studies on Aging. This program is appropriate for students interested in a career in the Senior Housing industry, others with an interest in the aging process for themselves or a loved one, care-providers and family members who want to have the knowledge to better


Lectures and workshops will enhance your knowledge of healthy aging through an understanding of:

  • the anatomy, physiology and psychology of the normal aging process

  • the human body’s needs of mind, spirit and health and how to support and live a full life

  • the pathways to healthy living through socialization, acceptance of change and resilience to
    gain quality sleep

  • the importance of mobility, balance and exercise

  • genetics, biometrics, and new technology

  • the importance of diet and nutrition

  • the importance and the tools for de-stressing through mindful-meditation and sleep

  • the importance of personal directives, power of attorney, wills, and goals of care (presented by

A certificate is awarded following successful completion of the program curriculum.