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The Cardio-Respiratory Program

The Cardio-Respiratory Program 

The Cardio-Respiratory Program is tailored specifically to the needs of individuals who are at risk of cardiac health issues. We tailor your program with a focus towards better cardiac health but you will likely achieve a healthier outlook in other areas of your life as well. By comparing your biometrics such as resting heart rate and target heart rates before and after your program you will see the results of your efforts! 

The Cardiac+ Program includes: 

  • Energy Rejuvenation: Each class includes stretching for improved flexibility, aerobic coaching to maintain target heart rates for 12-15 minutes, followed by resistance training for stamina and strength enhancement – modified to your individual abilities by a trained coach. 
  • Nutrition and Diet Education: including information specific to general health (such as smoking cessation and over-indulgence) as well as factors impacting cardiac health. Nutri-genomics reveal food types that are easier to metabolize by YOUR digestive system. 
  • Sleep Enhancement Therapy: Your body and mind learn to function with harmonious freedom resulting in restful and restorative sleep. 
  • De-Stressing Coaching: At the conclusion of each class, we focus on mindful-meditation. Techniques are taught to help calm breathing and negative thoughts, focusing our mind and rebalancing our nervous system – training us to handle stressful situations that occur in our daily lives. Enjoying a herbal tea after class while sharing “balancing-life experiences” reaffirms the success our clients achieve through this life-changing program. 

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