Rejuv+ 90 day Program

A 90 day Program focused on Lifestyle Change

We are NOT another Gym! … we ARE Health Coaches, helping guide your lifestyle choices to:

  • boost immune function so you heal more quickly,
  • improve flexibility to help relieve pain,
  • release stress so you are better able to focus and concentrate, and facilitate improved sleep.

This will lead to the ability to participate in the joy of a fulfilling life lived with good health.

REJUV+ classes include:

  • Energy Rejuvenation: Each class includes stretching for improved flexibility, aerobic coaching to maintain target heart rates for 12-15 minutes, followed by resistance training for stamina and strength enhancement.
  • Nutrition and Diet Education: As we age, our body has a hard time extracting the necessary nutrition from many foods. For example, red meat is more difficult to metabolize with a sedentary lifestyle. Nutri-genomics reveal food types that are easier to metabolize by YOUR digestive system.
  • Sleep Enhancement Therapy: Your body and mind learn to function with harmonious freedom resulting in restful and restorative sleep.
  • De-Stressing Coaching: At the conclusion of each class, we focus on mindful-meditation. Techniques are taught to help calm breathing and negative thoughts, focusing our mind and rebalancing our nervous system – training us to handle stressful situations that occur in our daily lives. Enjoying a herbal tea after class while sharing “balancing-life experiences” reaffirms the success our clients achieve through this life-changing program.

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