Rejuvenation / Healthy Living Programs

Rejuvenation / Healthy Living Programs 

How we choose to live today has a huge impact on our health, wellness and memory throughout our life but particularly in our later years!

Unfortunately, our brain is affected by the same abuse we subject and administer to our bodies daily. In order to be effective and retain our cognitive skill levels throughout life, it is important to address four pillars for preventing memory loss with aging – Nutrition, Exercise, Mindfulness- Meditation, and Effective Sleep.

The Academy of Aging is dedicated to changing the perception that memory loss as a debilitating decrease is normal with aging. Medically based programs focused on changes in lifestyle are offered to help individuals add life to their years!

Rejuv+ Learn more

  • A 90 day program addressing all four of the Pillars for preventing memory loss with aging. We work with you to assure your biometrics (vitals and lab test results) show both you and your Doctor that you have become a healthier person – and as a result, able to do more of the activities that lead to a fulfilling lifestyle.

Cardio-Respiratory Program Learn more

  • A 90 day program specifically tailored to individuals who have experienced issues with their heart and/or circulatory system. Working with your Cardiologist, we will coach you towards a healthier you – with activities and information aimed at reaching your Target Heart Rate and your improved Biometrics (vitals and lab test results).

Pre/Post Surgery Program Learn more

  • Rehabilitation programs that help make healthy changes to your lifestyle specifically tailored to your pre surgery and post surgery recovery. .

Canada’s Healthiest Companies Learn more

  • A program linking corporations, the Chamber of Commerce and the news media – championing the prevention of Chronic Health Diseases that are increasing significantly in Canada.