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Canada’s Healthiest Companies

Canada’s Healthiest Companies 

Healthy, happier employees mean a healthier, happier and more productive work environment 

The Academy of Aging is working to achieve the buy-in of corporations, Chamber of Commerce endorsement, and the news media “to champion the prevention of Chronic Health Diseases in Canada.” The goal is to engage not less than ten companies that sponsor five or more employees with borderline chronic health diseases enabling their participation in a REJUV+ 90 day Program. These types of employees often have a history of excessive missed-days or low productivity because of fatigue. Learn more about the REJUV+ Program 

  • Be a Sponsor 
  • Both Employers and Employees can be the catalyst to bring this program to your workplace. Encourage your company to be involved – everyone benefits! 
  • The benefits will be self evident as happier employees are a win-win for everyone! 

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