Healthy Aging is a Choice… The Academy of Aging 

The Academy of Aging is a Canadian non-profit society associated with The Manor Village Life Centers.

The Academy of Aging is focused on coaching Canadians, that chronic health conditions that often results in memory loss with aging can be dramatically reduced and even prevented with lifestyle changes, especially when commenced before the elder years.

The Academy Of Aging

 Senior Day Programs & Respite Care Learn more 

  • Freeing at-home caregivers from the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for a mentally or physically challenged adult or senior 
  • Providing short-term specialized care and rehab necessary before and/or after some surgical procedures or injuries 
  • Providing a comfortable and secure place when emergencies arise 

 Education: Learn more 

  •  Certificate, Workshop and Seminar formats about the various aspects of Healthy Aging and Living Well for individuals, students and community outreach 

 Rejuvenation & Health Living Programs Learn more 

  •  Medically based, one-on-one and online programs to help you improve your physical and mental well-being through exercise, mindful-meditation and diet / nutrition coaching